Grant Writing Boot Camp

As an organization, company, or nonprofit, one of the most integral pieces of sustaining operations is through funding. However, if you rely on outside funding, whether it be from your school, the government, or even a private organization, you need to be proactive in requesting funding to both grow your organization and to keep it alive.

5-Week Grant Writing Boot Camp:

The ability to write thorough and professional grant requests is something that any organization or business should have. I will be offering a 5-week, hands-on boot camp for those who wish to take their grant writing skills to the level that is necessary to procure a document and to secure funding. This boot camp is designed so that at the end of week 5, attendees have the ability to write a grant.

What’s included:

  • Tips, tricks, and proven strategies
  • Weekly 1.5 hour meetings as well as a half-hour Q&A after each meeting
  • Expert knowledge that will allow you to work this model into almost any grant writing opportunity
  • How to find opportunities to get funding for your organization or business

Bonus: Wrote a grant? Now what? Grant management and how to get funded again and again.

Who is it for:

While anyone interested in writing a grant can attend, the course is specifically designed for :

  • Nonprofits
  • Small business
  • Sole proprietors
  • Institutions of higher educations (especially student affairs)
  • Researchers

My background:

My background in grant writing began when I was a student myself and the organization that I was a part of the needed funding. At that time, I wasn’t experienced in grant writing, but through research and motivation to grow my organization, I was able to secure funding. Years later, I’ve written multiple grants for programs and organizations, producing over 5 million dollars in grants collectively. I’ve broken down my knowledge into a step-by-step process that will be available in this boot camp.

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